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Hey, there! I can vouch for the robin thing, because my family and I actually did save a baby robin about...1? 2 years ago? I don't know, but we did. We've also cared for baby bunnies whose nest my cousin disturbed. The mom ran away, so we took them in. Fun, huh?


Ooo! We have so many animals that we helped. I can't tell the whole story for each one, but I'll say what they are:

-Bucky (House sparrow, fed him after his mother dissapeared for a while)
-Jeremy(Rainbow trout, healed a wound on his head)
-Unnamed gosling(Goose, had no mother, and with some difficulty, got him in to another nest)
-Junior(Eastern cottontail, found him drowning with a puncture wound in his leg, put antibiotics on it)
-Comet(European Starling, wing injured by our dog,who was only playing. I don't care if it was invasive. I wasn't going to leave it there in the snow.)

@Faith-Baby rabbits. Cutest. Things. On the planet. Ours were domesticated. We just attract rabbits! WE were the ones who found Junior, and WE found poor Wallace abandoned on the side of the Interstate. He's safe with our other two rabbits,June and Fritsy. So yes, quite fun. ;)

With most affection,

Celia 8p

P.S. Phil is so cute!


We actually found some kind of fledgling on the ground. I named him Geoffrey. I'm not sure what kind; he was a fledgling, after all. There was a lot of ivy near where he fell, with lots of birds in it. We managed to get him into the nest we could reach. Cross your fingers it's his. He was dark gray with a black bill that had yellow where it met his head. Bird nerds? A little help here?

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