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Awww I love dogs.... what a shame humans waste precious time enjoying a mauling between dog and dog...


I heard that Marley was missing, too. I'll keep an eye out and I hope she doesn't get used for this stuff. It's cold-hearted, pointless, and evil. I'll try to get word around to people I know. I'm going to do everything I can to help keep dogs out of this sort of cruel punishment they don't deserve. It's just wrong.


Hey Madison this is maddie from the bus I just kept forgetting to log on to my computer... Had alllooot going on!!!!

Anyway, I did the buttons for barks thingy, so I can join. I think? Thanks!!


Hey, good news! They found Marley! She was found on the side of the road, unfortunately, and she's got an injured leg, but she's going to be okay. She was very happy to be home and is expected to make a full recovery. By the way, Madison, we should do some sort of fundraiser helping programs for rehabilitating these dogs. Let me know what you think!


That's excellent! And in a way, we are doing a fundraiser. Our branch of the Nature Army will, in less than one week's time, happily present... Buttons for BARCS! I'll do a post on it as soon as I get these other posts done so I can talk about animal shelters again. BARCS does some rehabilitating for any injured dog or cat. They also do the other typical animal shelter stuff.

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