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Maddie Curtis

Don't forget bamboo.


Don't forget that invasive slime in rivers. I think it's called Didymo, or river snot. Eww. Anyway, it's yellowish greenish brownish and it grows on rocks. It's really harmful. Just make sure you wash your water shoes after use; we don't want to spread it! It especially clings to felt.
Your awesome fellow Nature Army member,

Celia >8D
P.S. Awww; I HATE Mile a Minute plants! ):


Good tips, guys. Bamboo is especially awful because it's practically a tree. Wish it would grow as well in China for the pandas as it does here.

Sometimes we can spread invasive species in ways we would never expect, like the ones you mentioned for river snot. Mile a Minute plants (AKA devil's tear thumb) was a weed someone found in a rhododendron pot. By the time the person realized that no, this thing does not have ornamental value, it had taken over. We will soon be bowing to Mile a Minute plants, filing all their lovely thorns in spas, and speaking Devilish.

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